Valentine’s Day wine picks for {almost} every situation

I could very well just post an article about a couple of wines that bring me great joy, that taste amazing that you should absolutely serve for Valentine’s Day. But will that really help you? Maybe. But here at One Martini we are all about making it easier for you to drink. So instead we’ve put together some Valentine’s Day wine picks based on the situations you may find yourself in.

  • gruetA nice glass of wine at home before going out to dinner: You could go the easy route here and sip on a sparkling wine, but try something different with a bubbly from Gruet Winery of New Mexico. The elegant Blanc de Noir is a great choice with its creamy vanilla aromas and crisp baked pear flavors. Or score extra points for pouring the rosè.
  • Home cooked dinner: If you are continuing on with dinner at home and pulling out all the stops, only a Bordeaux (France) or Barbaresco (Italy) will do. Both are big, heavy reds with flavors of dark fruit. Hopefully you’re serving a hearty meal of steak or roast in order to stand up to this wine. And don’t forget to decant! Let the wine sit in a decanter for about an hour or so before you’re ready to serve it. The wine will taste better, the display is gorgeous and you look like a wine expert!
  • manzanillaDessert: No Valentine’s Day meal is complete without dessert! Maybe they don’t like chocolate or aren’t necessarily that into cakes and pies, serve a dessert wine. And when I say dessert wine, they aren’t all syrupy-sweet like you might imagine. Try a sherry from Spain (note, this is not your Grandmother’s sherry or the stuff in the back of the pantry you use for cooking). Serve a cheese plate with honey, nuts and figs, and pour a nice Manzanilla style. While slightly dry, this style has a nice salted caramel finish that serves as a great enhancement for your dessert. If you want to go full on sweet wine and need something besides Moscato, try Essencia from Quady Winery. A full-bodied sweet wine with orange, pear, and apricot flavors, followed up with hints of spice. This wine is amazing with cheesecake or apple pie a la mode.
  • Popping the question: Congratulations! You want something nice and elegant and very easy drinking. Think Oregon Pinot Gris if she likes whites, or Oregon Pinot Noir is she likes reds. Both are soft and silky in flavor and are excellent to drink alone or paired with food.


  • Galentines Day celebration: Yep, this is a thing and I am all for it! You want to get together with your girls and just celebrate being awesome, you need to pop a bottle! Use Italian Prosecco for this occasion. Not too sweet, but not too dry either. It’s just right to wet your palette for girl talk or to wash down all the chocolate you will inevitably eat. Prosecco is also lower in alcohol in case you have a few too many glasses at the end of the night.
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