Tres Agaves Margarita Mix for serving margaritas to a thirsty crowd

There are two occasions in life that will get me to use a margarita mix. The first is camping (or rather trailering). The second is when we have a crowd over for tacos. The latter happened recently and I did in fact serve up margaritas made with Tres Agaves Margarita Mix.

tres agaves margaritas

For our taco party, I was first planning on making two different pitchers of homemade margaritas. However, I couldn’t decide what type of margaritas I wanted to make nor did I want to squeeze a bunch of limes. So, instead I made the decision to serve one pitcher of white wine citrus sangria and do single serving margaritas. Yes, I did take the easy route.

margarita mix margaritas

The margaritas were easy: 2 ounces of tequila, 3 ounces Tres Agaves Margarita Mix, ice and sometimes a lime wedge in a little plastic cup. One of the guests brought a bottle of silver tequila and I was sent the Tres Agaves Margarita Mix to try. So, I didn’t have to spend any money on the ingredients. This was really helpful considering I’d already spent about $300 on food for the taco party.

tres agaves margarita mix

As far as the margarita mix goes, it’s made from water, organic agave nectar, organic lime concentrate and ascorbic acid. It has 68 calories and 16 grams of sugar per 3 fluid ounces. On its own, the mix is sweet and sour, although I’m not sure why anyone would want to drink it straight. The tequila helps balance out the sweet and sour of the margarita mix and the resulting drink is decent. Since I used it to make easy margaritas for a crowd, I skipped rimming the glasses with salt as I normally do with my margaritas. No one seemed to mind that the salt was missing and many had their glasses refilled.

margarita mix tres agaves

While I’m not usually the type of person to use a mix for my drinks, I do have to say it was nice to be able to pour and serve during the taco party. It allowed me time to hang out with my friends instead of shaking up drinks the whole time. For that, I’ll say it was worth it to try the Tres Agaves Margaritas Mix. And I’m sure I’ll be picking up a bottle of it once we start trailering at the lake again this summer. (Trailering: It’s like camping, but you sleep in a bed in a trailer and not in the dirt. One of my favorite ways to enjoy the summer.)

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I was sent a bottle of Tres Agaves Margarita Mix to review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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