White Wine

Something about the holiday season makes me love sangria. Rather, it makes me love sangria even more. I don't think I'll ever go another Thanksgiving without a huge pitcher of spiced cranberry sangria. Nor will I go the Christmas season without this White Christmas Sangria. In fact, I think I might celebrate these holidays every [...]

White Wine Citrus Sangria

A few weeks ago we had a bunch of friends over for a taco party. My original idea for the party was to serve two different pitchers of margaritas. But then, I changed my mind and decided to make one of those pitchers a white wine citrus sangria. Based on the feedback I received, I'd [...]

Blood Orange Sangria

I'm 99% sure I've said this before, but I'm going to say it again... I absolutely love blood orange cocktails. From blood orange margaritas to this blood orange sangria, I'm a fan of all them. And by fan, I mean that I could drink them all the time. That is, if I could get blood [...]

There's nothing better on a hot summer day than a pitcher of sangria. Made with seasonal fruits, the white pear sangria and hibiscus peach sangria are both awesome. And so is this red, white and blue berry sangria recipe. With festive colors, it's perfect for your 4th of July of celebrations. We posted quite a [...]

White Pear Sangria

Summer is the perfect time for making sangria. Nothing like fresh fruit and wine to help you feel good. One sip from something like the Peach Hibiscus Sangria and you can't help but smile. Today's white pear sangria recipe is no different. This last weekend I hosted a dinner party at my house. Instead of letting the [...]

Peach Hibiscus Sangria

I'm not going to lie. This is, hands down, the best peach hibiscus sangria recipe I've ever tasted. It was so good, we polished off two pitchers of the stuff in a day and a half. Try telling me you don't want to lick the computer screen right now. This peach hibiscus sangria stands out from [...]