White Rum

Watermelon mojito

The mojito. A classic summer cocktail that's a great use for all the freaking mint growing in my garden right now. Seriously. How can so much mint grow from one plant? Anyway, the mojito is also the perfect drink to play around with. Add a little fruit (like I did for this watermelon mojito), another [...]

Dark chocolate rum truffles

It's that time of year. The holidays bring with them cause to celebrate every single moment. These dark chocolate rum truffles are the perfect treat to have on hand for unexpected guests, last minute parties and small gifts of appreciation. Or to eat by the handful standing in the kitchen. We promise, we won't tell. Happy [...]

Cucumber Basil Mojito

I realize that cucumber season might already be done for some of you home gardeners. But, mine is still in full swing and I'm already stocked full on pickles. So, what's a person to do with all those leftover cucumbers? Add them to cocktails, of course! To be a little more specific, I mean add [...]

No summer is complete without a daiquiri (or three). Last year, I shared recipes for watermelon daiquiris and a blackberry ginger daiquiri. This year, it's all about the strawberries with this strawberry ginger daiquiri recipe. With fresh strawberries available everywhere right now, it's easy to stock up. It's also easy for said strawberries to disappear rather quickly thanks to some children [...]

Coconut fans, listen up... This one's for you. Earlier this year, Malibu released a new coconut-flavored product to their lineup. This one is a combination of Malibu rum, coconut water, carbonation and natural flavors. Basically, it's a sparkling coconut rum and it comes in two flavors (regular and peach). After receiving a bottle of each, [...]

Before I visited St. George Spirits distillery, I was fortunate enough to sample their California Rum Agricole at my favorite bar in Reno. Since that night, I've been dreaming about coming up with my own cocktails featuring this rum. After coming home with my very own bottle of it from San Francisco, I got to [...]

During the winter months I do everything I can to preserve blood oranges. Last year, I made blood orange infused tequila. This year, I canned a few pints of cinnamon blood orange marmalade and made this blood orange vanilla infused rum. Both are very good, although their uses are not the same. After making the [...]

Persimmon Rum Spritzer

After making the White Christmas Sangria with seasonal fruit including persimmons, my next mission was to make a persimmon cocktail. I didn't really know what kind of cocktail I wanted or what spirits I was going to use, I just knew I wanted it to have persimmon in it. So, after a few experiments, I [...]

The Nevada Cocktail

I was born and raised in Northern California. Twenty five years later, I moved to Nevada. While I'll always be from Cali, I can honestly say that my heart now belongs to the wonderful Silver State. So, in honor of Nevada Day which always falls on the last Friday of October, I'm sharing The Nevada [...]