I realize we are getting to the very end of blackberry season but I couldn't save this blackberry rye cocktail recipe for next year. Nor could I deprive you of it all together. So, I'm sharing it now and hoping you can still find blackberries. If not, pin/bookmark/print/save whatever you have to do so that [...]

This continues my four-part review of the fine work being done by Jack Crispin Cain, his sons, and the folks at American Craft Distillers. It also showcases a cocktail that uses two of Cain's spirits, a tasty variation on the old fashioned which can never get old! The drink is the Citizen Cain, a Low [...]

Thanksgiving cocktail recipes

Turkey day is almost here. By now you should have the menu completed and the turkey purchased. If not, I hope you're headed to someone else's house for the feast. Either way, you'll want to take a peek at this list of Thanksgiving cocktail recipes and pick out a few to try. As usual with the [...]

What's the best way to enjoy pumpkin? Drunkin, of course! So far, we've shared a spiced pumpkin pie cocktail with spiced rum and a pumpkin pie martini with pumpkin pie infused vodka. Now, it's time to mix this bright orange squash with a different spirit to create this Drunkin Pumpkin Whiskey Cocktail! Last month's recipe [...]

The tenth month of 2013 is officially over. Hope you all had a good Halloween and are enjoying the cooler weather. Now it's time to start the Thanksgiving planning and the Christmas shopping. I'd like a bigger liquor cabinet, new boots and of course, more booze for Christmas in case you were wondering. Oh, and [...]

Blood Orange Whiskey Punch

You may remember from our downright delicious Holly Jolly Amaretto-Bourbon Punch (and if you don't, do yourself a favor and check it out!) that I'm not too into whiskey unless it's masked by some fruity stuff. Now that we're well into fall, it only seems appropriate to combine blood orange with the warm-your-bones flavor of Maker's [...]

Caramel Apple Bourbon Cocktail

One of my favorite fall cocktails so far this year is this caramel apple bourbon cocktail. It took a few tries to get the recipe where I wanted it, but after that I was hooked. In fact, I might have lost a few hours of sleep thinking about this drink and the Bulleit Bourbon I [...]

It feels like I just sat down and wrote the recap of cocktail recipes from May. How can it be the end of June already? I hope you have been enjoying your summer so far and drinking many fine cocktails, hopefully by the pool. In case you missed anything during the month, here's a recap [...]

Warmer weather doesn't mean the end of bourbon season. Oh no. In fact, it's where things get fun. And by fun, I mean citrusy-fresh with bourbon. Just like this whiskey lemonade cocktail. It's really just a play on a whiskey sour with honey syrup used instead of simple syrup. It's very easy to make and [...]