Spring is in the air, and tarragon is in the garden. Along with mint, rosemary and thyme, but let's not talk about those right now. Instead, we are going to focus on this anise-ish flavored herb that's delightful in certain cocktails. One being this watermelon tarragon cocktail made with tarragon infused vodka. While pondering what [...]

I've made a deal with my mom. She comes to visit and helps with the kids, I make her cocktails. On her latest visit, we did the usual arrangement. She kid-sat. I created this huckleberry vodka cocktail. Win-win. Admittedly, I've had this bottle of huckleberry vodka in the cabinet for a few months. I kept meaning [...]

According to various sources on the Interwebz, pomegranates are said to be a good luck food. Since we are getting ready to ring in the new year, I figured it would be fitting to make a good luck cocktail. Thus these pomegranate moscow mules were born. Mules were definitely the "it" cocktail of the year. [...]

Boozy peppermint hot chocolate

What's even better than hot cocoa to celebrate the holiday season? For us, the answer is clearly boozy peppermint hot chocolate! This grown up version of hot cocoa combines the rich flavor of dark chocolate and the peppermint goodness in Pinnacle's Peppermint Bark vodka. Take all of that and top it with whipped cream and dusting of dark [...]

Thanksgiving cocktail recipes

Turkey day is almost here. By now you should have the menu completed and the turkey purchased. If not, I hope you're headed to someone else's house for the feast. Either way, you'll want to take a peek at this list of Thanksgiving cocktail recipes and pick out a few to try. As usual with the [...]

Fall just isn't fall unless you sip on at least one apple cocktail. For those really chilly nights, you could go with a glass of this warm caramel apple bourbon cocktail. For the other nights, you could enjoy this vodka apple cider cocktail. Either way, you'll be happy with the drink in front of you. [...]

It seems persimmon season is once again here. My Grandma is probably happy because now she can make another very large batch of cookies with them. I, on the other hand, will be using them in cocktails - starting with this vodka persimmon cocktail. Then I'll probably move on to the persimmon rum spritzer I [...]

We think we can all agree that October is all about Halloween. Look anywhere and you'll pumpkins, candy and costumes. Oh, wait.... we forgot to mention the Halloween cocktails! With all the anticipation surrounding Halloween, the following day is usually just a haze. We're here to take that sugar high and keep it going for you on [...]

It’s harvest season in Oregon wine country. Friends from local wineries and vineyards are talking about possible record-breaking yields of grapes this year, and the warmer-than-usual weather we had this summer should make for some exquisite wine. If there is one particular wine that Oregon, particularly the Willamette Valley AVA, is known for, it’s pinot [...]

Vodka might not get as much love from me as it did in the past, but that doesn't mean I've stopped drinking it. In fact, after receiving a new bottle in the mail, I created this apricot chamomile cocktail. Those two flavors combined with vodka and bubbles and a bit of lemon, it was an [...]