Other than my birthday, I think my favorite event in January is the return of blood oranges to the grocery store. Upon their arrival this year, I stocked up and celebrated with the creating of this mezcal blood orange cocktail. A little smoky, a little sweet - it's just good in all the right places. [...]

Two of my favorite after dinner drinks are port and Meletti. A glass of either and some dark chocolate and I'm set for the evening. Of course, it was just a matter of time before I combined the two to create an after dinner drink. And that's exactly what we have for you here with [...]

Alright. I should apologize now because this is the second mezcal coffee liqueur cocktail I've shared this month. The first was the boozy chocolate milkshake and now it's this Tobacco Road cocktail. But the two together are so good, I just can't resist. Once you try them I think you'll agree. The base spirit in [...]

Three words for you: Boozy chocolate milkshake. Yep, that's what your life has been missing. Or at least it's what my life has been missing. But not anymore. Up until a few months ago, I only ate real ice cream about once a year because I had cut almost all dairy products from my diet. [...]

February is National Chocolate Month. I don't know about you, but a month that celebrates chocolate is right up my alley. So, to pay tribute to this absolutely wonderful treat, I decided to make a special hot chocolate cocktail. And by special I mean a spiced tequila hot chocolate topped with mezcal whipped cream. After [...]

As promised, it's time for some cocktail recipes with the blood orange vanilla infused rum. My goal with these blood orange vanilla rum cocktails was to highlight the infused rum, while also use blood oranges in a variety of ways. It took a few tries on some of the recipes, but I'm happy with the [...]