maraschino liqueur

Playing off one of my favorite classic cocktails, The Last Word, I present to you The Final Kiss. A mezcal last word - a variation of the original, but kinda smoky. And delicious. The classic Last Word cocktail is equal parts gin, maraschino liqueur, Green Chartruese and lime juice. For this mezcal last word, I [...]

The gin martini and Manhattan with rye whiskey are two of my favorite classic cocktails. As luck would have it, my love of these two drinks led me to another classic… The Martinez cocktail. As is the case with many classic cocktails, the history of the Martinez is a little uncertain. The first written recipe [...]

The Last Word Cocktail

The Last Word Cocktail is a Prohibition-era drink that I recently discovered at a local restaurant. One sip of this gin cocktail and I was in love. But you have to be careful. It can be a really strong drink. The beautiful green color comes from the fresh squeezed lime and the Green Chartreuse liqueur, which [...]