Lillet Rose

Who would have thought to mix a fine French aperitif wine with the ruggedly-edged mezcal? I've never been one for convention. This mezcal Lillet Rose cocktail is a slightly smoky, bittersweet, and herbaceous highball that doubles as a delightful way to sneak some muscular mezcal into your brunch cocktail regimen. But first, a little context. The [...]

Raspberry Negroni

Ah, the negroni. One of my favorite classic cocktails. So simple to make, so easy to drink. And because Negroni Week is right around the corner, I figured I should share a fun variation for the summer. Hence, I present to you the Raspberry Negroni. The base of this raspberry negroni is still gin and Campari. [...]

After posting the raspberry shrub recipe, I felt like I needed to do more with the shrub than just add gin for a cocktail. I mean it was an easy one to make, but it wasn't very creative. So, after much time thinking about it and trying various ideas, I finally came up with this [...]