infused vodka

Spring is in the air, and tarragon is in the garden. Along with mint, rosemary and thyme, but let's not talk about those right now. Instead, we are going to focus on this anise-ish flavored herb that's delightful in certain cocktails. One being this watermelon tarragon cocktail made with tarragon infused vodka. While pondering what [...]

I've made a deal with my mom. She comes to visit and helps with the kids, I make her cocktails. On her latest visit, we did the usual arrangement. She kid-sat. I created this huckleberry vodka cocktail. Win-win. Admittedly, I've had this bottle of huckleberry vodka in the cabinet for a few months. I kept meaning [...]

Yes... this Valentine's Day, you could make a last-minute stop at the grocery store for a predictable bottle of Champagne, or you could shake up a little love with this fantastic pomegranate vanilla martini. And if you want to make it even more special, skip the store bought lemon vodka and infuse your own at home. [...]

It’s harvest season in Oregon wine country. Friends from local wineries and vineyards are talking about possible record-breaking yields of grapes this year, and the warmer-than-usual weather we had this summer should make for some exquisite wine. If there is one particular wine that Oregon, particularly the Willamette Valley AVA, is known for, it’s pinot [...]

There’s an amazing event here in McMinnville, Oregon every year called the International Pinot Noir Celebration. It brings together talented winemakers from all over the world and the people who appreciate them. It also brings great new business to the bar, which I certainly appreciate. On top of that, it gave me the opportunity to make [...]

Mojitos and caipirinhas (or caipiroska if you're using vodka) are perfect summer cocktails. They take just a few ingredients, a little bit of muddling and taste so good. So, I drew on both of those cocktails for creating this tea infused vodka cocktail. I suppose you could say it's a combination of the two, except [...]

Ginger Lemon Drop Martini

When I was 21 my standard order was a lemon drop martini. Fast forward 10+ish years and my go-to drink has changed quite a bit. But, that doesn't mean I don't still enjoy the occasional lemon drop. Although I usually try and mix them up now by using different vodka and/or fresh fruit. And that, [...]

I think we can all agree that ginger is a great addition to cocktails. From ginger liqueur to ginger simple syrup, it adds a special spiciness. So, it's time to take this great root to the next level and make ginger infused vodka. You'll only need a couple of things and patience, although the latter [...]

After Thanksgiving, it's time to say goodbye to pumpkin and hello to peppermint. My favorite way to do this is by making a batch of candy cane infused vodka. So that's exactly what I did this year. And then I put it to good use in this Peppermint Alexander Cocktail. Because really, one can never have [...]

3 Spiced Pear Vodka Cocktails

Once your spiced pear vodka is done infusing, it's time to put it to work in some tasty libations. I was going to spread these cocktails recipes out over the next few months, but the calendar is already pretty full. Plus, I figured a bottle of this infusion with this recipes printed up would be [...]