infused scotch

Only in season for a short amount of time each year, persimmons are one of my favorite winter fruits. When perfectly ripe, I can't resist enjoy them as a snack (or adding them to my cocktails). So, in an effort to preserve the life of these short lived fruits, I decided to try my hand [...]

After a three day trip to Portland full of drinking and eating and drinking, I had to take a little break from all things booze. But, it was all worth it - there were so many good places to drink and eat and drink. Anyway, now that I'm somewhat recovered from vacation, I'm back with a [...]

Sometimes, you just want an easy to drink to sip on after a long day. I totally get that. I feel the same way sometimes. With those nights in mind, I created this scotch tamarind cocktail. Made with an earl grey infused scotch and tamarind soda, it's just a matter of pouring the two ingredients [...]