Green Chartreuse

If John Muir was alive today, I have no doubts his favorite gin would be St. George Spirits Terroir Gin. Made with botanicals from the slopes of Mt. Tam, it is literally the woods in a bottle. It's also the perfect spirit for this sage gin cocktail. So, if you don't already have a bottle [...]

While there are many different flavors of tea on the market today, none of them are as versatile as Aiya Cooking Grade Matcha green tea. Because it comes in powder form, it can be used in everything from cooking to drinking. Of course, when drinking Aiya Matcha green tea, a cup of hot tea is [...]

As promised, it's time for some cocktail recipes with the blood orange vanilla infused rum. My goal with these blood orange vanilla rum cocktails was to highlight the infused rum, while also use blood oranges in a variety of ways. It took a few tries on some of the recipes, but I'm happy with the [...]

Now that Meyer lemons are back in season, it's only natural to use them in cocktails. Or in Meyer lemon infused tequila and then in cocktails. Either way the end result is the same. So, the first time I saw them in the store this season, I stocked up. I'd like to say that I [...]

When life (or the store) gives you cucumbers, you make cucumber infused vodka. That vodka can then be used in drinks such as a cucumber vodka and tonic and a cucumber mint cocktail. But what if you want something a little more fancy, perhaps in a martini glass? Well, then it's time for you to [...]

Today's grapefruit gin cocktail is another invention of my husband. Similar to the pomegranate gin cocktail, it's pretty potent with the booze. Seems he likes his drink to be strong. The first time he made it, I was not consulted on the ratios. The result was a really, really, really strong drink that was good. [...]

Today's gin martini was created after my husband picked a few bottles out of the liquor cabinet and said make me something with these. He wanted the base spirit to be Tanqueray 10 Gin, also found in the Clementine Gin Cocktail. I was allowed to add other ingredients as needed. The gin has a floral [...]

In the last post we shared a few Guinness cocktails for St. Patrick's Day. Today we are switching it up with these St Patrick's Day cocktails that have three things in common... They are all irish whiskey cocktails. The recipes are all from The Savoy Cocktail Book. They are all for drinks for St. Patrick's [...]

The Last Word Cocktail

The Last Word Cocktail is a Prohibition-era drink that I recently discovered at a local restaurant. One sip of this gin cocktail and I was in love. But you have to be careful. It can be a really strong drink. The beautiful green color comes from the fresh squeezed lime and the Green Chartreuse liqueur, which [...]

Thai One On Tequila Cocktail

What do you get when you work real hard on a cocktail recipe using anejo tequila and grapefruit? First, you get a good buzz. Second, you get this Thai basil grapefruit cocktail. Third, you get to repeat number two as many times as you want. And repeat, you'll want to do. For weeks I was [...]