Hello, drinking buddies! After a little bit of a break, I'm back and sharing some variations of my favorite drink right now... The gin and tonic. It's one of the best summer cocktails out there because it takes very little time to make and is always refreshing. But enough with the chatting, let's get to [...]

In the colder months of the year, berries might not be in season but that doesn't mean we have to stop using these flavors in our drinks. Instead of using fresh berries, jams and jellies work great in cocktails to both sweeten and add delicious berry-goodness. And that my friends, is what we are doing [...]

No trip to San Francisco is complete without a visit to a distillery (and several bars). Last year, we checked out St. George Distillery and Distillery No 209. This year, we were lucky enough to stop in Treasure Island for a tour of Raff Distillerie. Currently located in a old military building, Raff Distillerie produces Emperor [...]

If I had to pick a favorite spirit for the warmer months of the year, it would have to be gin. I love relaxing with gin and tonics in the afternoon (especially when camping), as well as sipping on various gin cocktails after a long day in the sun. Since the garden is still in full [...]

Tea infused cocktails have been some of my favorite things to play around with in the past year. I've used everything from matcha green tea to coconut vanilla tea and have found them all to work beautifully when mixed with spirits. Keeping all this in mind, I decided to add a bag of earl grey [...]

Summer means strawberries — and lots of them. Get your berry season started off right with this strawberry gin cocktail made with fresh strawberry puree. Normally when I use strawberries in cocktails I muddle them. It's easy and gets the job done in a pinch. This time, however, I wanted to do something a little [...]

Raspberry Negroni

Ah, the negroni. One of my favorite classic cocktails. So simple to make, so easy to drink. And because Negroni Week is right around the corner, I figured I should share a fun variation for the summer. Hence, I present to you the Raspberry Negroni. The base of this raspberry negroni is still gin and Campari. [...]

What do you get when you take the Bee's Knees and add cucumber and infuse the honey with fennel? This cucumber gin cocktail that is The Cat's Pajamas, duh. This is one of my favorite after Sunday brunch shift cocktails right now. It's light, and doesn't require a lot of ingredients. After 5ish hours of [...]

With the shining sun and the somewhat warmer temps, I find myself gravitating to the gin section of my liquor cabinet more than I did in the winter. I want the rush of botanicals that gin brings to cocktails, whether it's in a negroni, a gin & tonic, or something a little different like this gin grapefruit [...]

Sometimes an idea strikes and I know it's going to be a great one. Like that time I made fig infused bourbon. Or the time I taught my kid how to make cookies. Or the time I made this lemongrass mezcal cocktail. My brilliant idea started out with a some leftover stalks of lemongrass. Rather [...]