dry vermouth

In the colder months of the year, berries might not be in season but that doesn't mean we have to stop using these flavors in our drinks. Instead of using fresh berries, jams and jellies work great in cocktails to both sweeten and add delicious berry-goodness. And that my friends, is what we are doing [...]

The martini… A sophisticated blend of gin and vermouth with countless variations. From perfect to dirty and everything in between, it’s definitely one of the most well known drinks in history (and the most debated). In this version, we are playing off the classic recipe – with a twist, of course. The result is a [...]

When life (or the store) gives you cucumbers, you make cucumber infused vodka. That vodka can then be used in drinks such as a cucumber vodka and tonic and a cucumber mint cocktail. But what if you want something a little more fancy, perhaps in a martini glass? Well, then it's time for you to [...]

Income Tax Cocktail

Feeling the pain of tax day? I know I am this year. Take your mind off the check you have to write the IRS and make yourself a few of these Income Tax Cocktails from The Savoy Cocktail Book. The Income Tax Cocktail is the same as a Bronx except it has Angostura bitters. The [...]