creme de cassis

I realize we are getting to the very end of blackberry season but I couldn't save this blackberry rye cocktail recipe for next year. Nor could I deprive you of it all together. So, I'm sharing it now and hoping you can still find blackberries. If not, pin/bookmark/print/save whatever you have to do so that [...]

This juniper infused mezcal cocktail brings together blueberry, lime, agave, and herbal aromatics for all desert occasions, paying homage to the rustic beauty of Nevada's flora. It's also refreshing and complex. We all know juniper's true calling: to provide the fresh, piney taste and scent to London Dry Gin. Ok, so maybe that's not its [...]

Fort Bragg, CA, a small coastal mill town just north of Mendocino, furnished many tender memories throughout my childhood, the most recent of which, intoxicating. There is a certain Proustian effect that is enkindled when I intake the wet air, the vegetal marine rot, even the thorns of the brackish brambles. Today, however, I find [...]