The holiday season is a great time to enjoy bubbles (as is every other season of the year). Rather than just sipping on bubbly, and there's nothing wrong with that, sometimes it's fun to add some other elements to the mix. To help you with this, Jonathan Jones recently released his book, Fifty-Two Champagne Cocktails. [...]

Now that Thanksgiving and Christmas are behind us, it's time to focus on the last real holiday of the year - which I suppose is also the first real holiday of the year. Although none of that really matters as long as you have a drink in your hand. And we're not talking about water. [...]

Pomegranate cocktails and Christmastime seem to go hand in hand for me. I mean really, how can you go through the holiday season without drinking a Pomegranate Cointreau Cocktail? Or I suppose you could also have this sparkling pomegranate rosemary cocktail. It's fancy, delicious and easy to make. Definitely makes that a must have in [...]

Another month of 2013 has officially bit the dust. I hope the weather is starting to heat up wherever you are located. It slowly is here.  Now, let's get this party started with a recap of May cocktail recipes. Grapefruit cocktails – There is nothing like fresh squeezed grapefruit juice mixed with booze. And these four [...]

It's no secret we love infused vodkas here at One Martini. I'm always on the lookout for different infusions that I can make or buy for my cocktail creating. One of my most recent purchases was Absolut Hibiskus Vodka. And I can say, it was a good investment. Absolut makes many different infused vodkas. In January [...]

April showers are said to bring May flowers and I hope that is true for the sake of my garden. Hopefully you all enjoyed warmer weather during the month, even if there was some rain. Once again, it's time for a recap of the spring cocktail recipes from the month for your easy drinking pleasure. [...]

Remember the Hibiscus Peach Sangria and the Berry Champagne Cocktails we posted last year for a Mother's Day cocktail? Well, this year we are combining the two into this one very delicious champagne punch that is perfect for serving at Mother's Day brunch. This recipe is adapted from the label on the Wild Hibiscus flowers. [...]

4 Mimosa Recipes For Brunch

Champagne cocktails are great for brunch. It's like bubbles and bacon were made to go together for meals before 11am. To help you wow your guests this Easter and Mother's Day we are sharing 4 mimosa recipes for brunch. (Psst... If you are looking for some other great brunch cocktail recipes check out the Hibiscus [...]

Grab your jugs of Jelly Bean Vodka. It's time for 3 Easter cocktails. If you forgot to make the infused vodka, it's okay. We'll wait while you do. We're nice like that. The Bunny Drop Martini - A cross between a Lemon Drop Martini and a KINKY Liqueur Martini, the Bunny Drop Martini uses lemon jelly [...]

Last year for a St. Patrick's Day cocktail we shared the Mint Paddy Martini that doubled as a Thin Mint Martini. This year, we are taking the more traditional route and sharing three Guinness cocktails for St. Patrick's Day. These Guinness cocktails range in spirits. We have the Black Velvet with Champagne. The Irish Russian [...]