My goal for this cocktail was to use Original Red Tabasco is something other than a Bloody Mary. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just wanted to do something different. Something that could be considered dessert instead of brunch. I realize that sounds strange, but it works in this campari rum cocktail. Trust [...]

Raspberry Negroni

Ah, the negroni. One of my favorite classic cocktails. So simple to make, so easy to drink. And because Negroni Week is right around the corner, I figured I should share a fun variation for the summer. Hence, I present to you the Raspberry Negroni. The base of this raspberry negroni is still gin and Campari. [...]

Between working extra hours each week, remodeling two bathrooms and life in general, there are many evenings where I come  home ready for a drink. Lately, that drink has been this mezcal amaro cocktail. Smokey, bitter, spicy, not too sweet - it's a sit back and relax kind of cocktail. I really don't remember how [...]

When dessert comes in the form of a cocktail, I’m a happy camper. Now, I’m not talking about those overly sweet cocktails with chocolate syrup and such. Rather, I mean a strong, stirred drink with flavors of coffee, vanilla and dark chocolate such as this rum Campari cocktail. This rum Campari cocktail stared out as [...]

Other than my birthday, I think my favorite event in January is the return of blood oranges to the grocery store. Upon their arrival this year, I stocked up and celebrated with the creating of this mezcal blood orange cocktail. A little smoky, a little sweet - it's just good in all the right places. [...]

Fort Bragg, CA, a small coastal mill town just north of Mendocino, furnished many tender memories throughout my childhood, the most recent of which, intoxicating. There is a certain Proustian effect that is enkindled when I intake the wet air, the vegetal marine rot, even the thorns of the brackish brambles. Today, however, I find [...]

Grapefruit and Campari. For some reason, I could never get those two ingredients to play nicely together despite having read multiple times that they are in fact a good match. Determined to figure this out, I kept trying with different ratios and base spirits. Finally, I came up with this Old Tom Gin Campari cocktail and [...]

Negroni Week officially starts for 2014 on June 2nd (and runs through June 8th). Now, if you haven't heard of this particular event, let me fill you in. Negroni Week is presented by Imbibe and Campari. Participating bars will donate at least $1 of every negroni and negroni variation sold to the local charity of [...]

One of my goals in the kitchen this year was to make rhubarb syrup. A friend kept telling me how much she loved rhubarb in her cocktails (and everything else) and I wanted to try it for myself. As luck would have it, I finally found some fresh rhubarb at Whole Foods along with some [...]