blended scotch

Only in season for a short amount of time each year, persimmons are one of my favorite winter fruits. When perfectly ripe, I can't resist enjoy them as a snack (or adding them to my cocktails). So, in an effort to preserve the life of these short lived fruits, I decided to try my hand [...]

After a three day trip to Portland full of drinking and eating and drinking, I had to take a little break from all things booze. But, it was all worth it - there were so many good places to drink and eat and drink. Anyway, now that I'm somewhat recovered from vacation, I'm back with a [...]

Scotch and pear. A wonderful combination of flavors as we proved before in the scotch pear cocktail. This time, we are taking these two items and putting them together in a different way to create this scotch pear cider cocktail. With a hint of spice, citrus and sweetness, it’s one drink you can enjoy all [...]

Over the last few months I've drank more scotch than I ever have. Not sure why this is happening all of a sudden, but I'm happy it is. Especially because it led to the creation of this scotch chamomile cocktail that I could drink over and over and over again. The chamomile portion of this [...]

Colder weather means it's time to drink more scotch. And because pears are also in season, it means we should be using those as well. So... the best thing to do is combine the two to create a scotch pear cocktail. Add in a roasted pear crumble or some other fall-ish drink and you have yourself [...]