Every year during the holiday season I try and use raw cranberries in a cocktail. And every year, I find that they just don't work. They are too tart, they don't muddle well and really, they just aren't that good. So, every year I instead make some sort of cranberry syrup and use that in [...]

In case you haven't noticed, I'm on a bit of peach cocktail kick right now. But how could one not be when it's prime peach season?!?! Anyway, to switch things up a little from just muddling peach in the drink, I made a jam for this peach mezcal cocktail. If you don't want to go through all [...]

A cherry bourbon cocktail has been on my list of drinks to make for years now. For some reason, it just now happened. But that's okay. It was worth the wait. And apparently I've been making up for last time with this one since I've already more than my fair share of them in the [...]

Between working extra hours each week, remodeling two bathrooms and life in general, there are many evenings where I come  home ready for a drink. Lately, that drink has been this mezcal amaro cocktail. Smokey, bitter, spicy, not too sweet - it's a sit back and relax kind of cocktail. I really don't remember how [...]

What does one like to drink when consuming chocolate stout brownies for dessert? Well, if that one is me the answer is this Cruzan Black Strap Rum cocktail that also contains a bit of the delicious stout from the brownies. {Insert pause here so you can wipe the drool from your computer as you think [...]

Now that we are officially into fall cocktails, it's time to enjoy apples. But not apples as in the kind you eat. Instead, we are going in the direction of Calvados, the wonderful apple brandy produced in Normandy, France. With complex notes of apples and oak, it's great for sipping neat or mixed with other [...]

Last month while working a few shifts as a bar back at Death and Taxes in Reno, I was introduced to the Black Manhattan cocktail. After trying the drink at home, my husband had the brilliant idea to add in some bourbon poached peaches to the mix. Let's just say the first round of these [...]

Memorial Day (also known as the unofficial start of summer) is just a few days away. I'm still not sure how this is possible, but according to the calendar it is correct. So, while I'm over here trying to figure out what has happened with the first half of this year, you all can sit [...]

Aged gins are becoming a thing in the spirit world. St. George Spirits, being the wonderful craft distillers that they are, decided to get behind this trend and age their Dry Rye Gin. After finally locating a bottle of my own, I decided to mix it up into this tasty aged gin amaro cocktail. Sort [...]

As my liquor cabinet is growing with bottles of gin, bourbon, rye, etc. I've found that I don't work with vodka as much as I used to. But,that doesn't mean I don't enjoy drinking it every once in a while. Especially when it's a grape-based vodka that has been char barrel finished and used to [...]