No trip to San Francisco is complete without a visit to a distillery (and several bars). Last year, we checked out St. George Distillery and Distillery No 209. This year, we were lucky enough to stop in Treasure Island for a tour of Raff Distillerie. Currently located in a old military building, Raff Distillerie produces Emperor [...]

When a bottle of Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva Rum shows up your doorstep in the summer, you have two options. Number one: make a mojito. Number two: make a daiquiri. Anything other than that is out of the question when it's hot outside. So, me being the wise-ish person that I am, I went with number [...]

This continues my four-part review of the fine work being done by Jack Crispin Cain, his sons, and the folks at American Craft Distillers. It also showcases a cocktail that uses two of Cain's spirits, a tasty variation on the old fashioned which can never get old! The drink is the Citizen Cain, a Low [...]

Who would have thought to mix a fine French aperitif wine with the ruggedly-edged mezcal? I've never been one for convention. This mezcal Lillet Rose cocktail is a slightly smoky, bittersweet, and herbaceous highball that doubles as a delightful way to sneak some muscular mezcal into your brunch cocktail regimen. But first, a little context. The [...]

Every aspect of The Botanist Islay Dry Gin from the Bruichladdich Distillery fosters a sense of exploration. Its packaging, concept,  name, color, smell, taste, and mood all exhibit the offerings of a whimsical and versatile science of the island's flora. A clean palate from which to draw worlds. However, this gin truly shines when used [...]

The next drinking holiday to celebrate is St. Patrick's Day. And celebrate we shall with this drink. Last year, I shared a few Guinness cocktails as well as a few classic Irish whiskey cocktails for the holiday. This year, I came up with this Clontarf 1014 Irish whiskey cocktail that I've named Luck of the [...]