Wines for a hot summer night

If you do a quick google search on ‘summer wines’ you will find tons of articles, blog posts and pictures of what you should be drinking by the pool, or at the beach, or taking to your picnics and barbecues. But what about these long days that turn into nights, sitting around with friends as the sun sets? What do you drink then? What about those hazy, lazy summer nights? You need something a bit more sophisticated than perhaps your pool wine, but not too fussy either, it is the summer. Here are a few selections that are guaranteed to cool you down as you enjoy the sunset with that special someone, or girls night on the terrace. summer wines
Dr Konstantin Frank Riesling (Finger Lakes, NY) – This Riesling clocks in with enough acid to balance out any syrupy-sweetness you may think of when it comes to Riesling. Serve chilled, this easy sipper gives you notes of peaches, oranges and hints of fresh lavender. Be careful with this one, many a person has looked down and discovered they had finished the whole bottle.

summer wines

Domaine Chignard Cru Beaujolais (France) – Made from the Gamay grape, the Cru designation makes this wine much different than the Nouveau released in November. Very feminine in style with floral and fruity aromas of strawberry, peach, violet. Fleurie is an excellent ‘starter’ wine for those that don’t really drink reds. Serve this red chilled, but not as cold as your whites.

summer wines
Domaine du Tariquet (France) – Made from the grapes used in cognac, this blend of Ugni Blanc and Colombard is equal parts crisp and refreshing. Dry on the palate at first, but the second sip lends to loads of fresh citrus. This wine is excellent with seafood.

Have you tried any of these before? What wines are you drawn to for your summer nights?

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