Recap of April Cocktail Recipes

April showers are said to bring May flowers and I hope that is true for the sake of my garden. Hopefully you all enjoyed warmer weather during the month, even if there was some rain. Once again, it’s time for a recap of the spring cocktail recipes from the month for your easy drinking pleasure.

Spring Cocktail Recipes from April 2013

spring cocktail recipes april 2013

Vodka Cocktails

Pineapple Vodka Cocktail – We boarded the pineapple express with this vodka cocktail. The drink was created by the makers of Tahoe Blue Vodka. It’s a magical drink with pineapple juice and fun to make with muddled clementines. Try it for yourself if you don’t believe us.

Whipped Lemon Martini – We put the whipped cream vodka to work in another cocktail recipe. This one features fresh squeezed lemon and a bit of grenadine. It’s lemony fresh and pretty in pink.

Vanilla Vodka Cocktail with Orange Mint – Vanilla vodka is one of our favorite spirits and you’ll see why after you try this cocktail. If you don’t have orange mint, you can use regular mint. Just don’t switch the vodka.

Rum Cocktails

Ginger Mojito with basil – This is not your ordinary mojito recipe. We added ginger and replaced the mint with basil. It’s fun, it’s funky and it’s fresh. You’ll love it.

Gin Cocktails

Income Tax Cocktail – Tax day has passed for this year but you can still enjoy this cocktail (especially if you are one of those people that filed an extension like I did). It’s similar to a Bronx cocktail, except it has bitters.

Margarita Martini – I love this cocktail that combines the classic margarita with the classic gin martini. It’s been taste tested by many people who have visited my house and they all agree it’s a keeper.

Campari Cocktails

Technically, these drinks should be classified under vodka, gin or bourbon but they all share the common ingredient of Campari so I thought it was better to separate them. In this post about Campari Cocktails you will find recipes for vodka and gin Negronis along with The Boulevardier. I really can’t say no to any of them.

Champagne Punch

Mother’s day is quickly approaching. You’ll want to have a pitcher of this Champagne Punch on hand to impress everyone in your family. With wild hibiscus flowers and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, it’s absolutely lovely.

Spirit Reviews and More

If you haven’t tried Square One Organics Cucumber Vodka yet, you should. We love it for many reasons including the fact that it’s made in the US and strives to be as green as possible. It’s also really freaking good in the strawberry cucumber cocktail recipe we shared in the review post.

We also reviewed Bombay Sapphire Gin which isn’t a new spirit on the market but it’s one we think should always be included in your list of bar essentials. It can be used in many different cocktail recipes, including the berry ginger cocktail that you’ll find in the review.

Since Cinco de Mayo is coming up in a few days we told you about the cocktail book, Frontera: Margaritas, Guacamoles and Snacks. There are so many good tequila cocktail recipes in the book plus the guacs are mouth–watering. It’s a book I’m glad to have in my collection and I think you will be too.

Speaking of May 5th, check out the tequila facts we shared with help from our friends at BevMo! It’s everything you need to know about buying tequila along with some recommendations for your margaritas.

Also, if you haven’t planted your garden yet, check out this list of herbs to plant that you’ll need for your cocktail recipes.

Whew. Looking back, it was a busy freaking month. Let us know what your favorite spring cocktail recipes were and stay tuned because we have even more good stuff coming up in May!

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