Screw top wines for your summer picnics

You’ve packed your basket full of chicken salad and cheeses, you picked up the baguette and a bottle of wine and head to the park. You get there, lay out your spread and are ready to indulge. Everyone cheers when you pull out this amazing wine you have selected (because you’ve been reading One Martini’s wine tips) and you go to open it and realize that you don’t have a corkscrew. Sigh.

A collection of screw top wines for picnics :
This has actually happened to me before. Granted, it was years ago but still, I feel your pain! But it does not have to be this way. If you can’t remember your corkscrew or just don’t even want to deal with that whole business there is another option available to you. Screw top wines!

There is a stigma that screw top wines are cheap and not of good quality. That may have been true 15 years ago, but it is not today. For starters, the entire country of New Zealand only uses screw tops for their wines. Many Australian wine producers are going the way of the screw top as well. The money they save by not using corks is then passed down to you. There are several other wines that are moving over to screw tops to also help the environment and save some of the trees that supply cork. Here are a few excellent examples of screw top wines that would be an excellent accompaniment to your summer outings.

Broadbent Vinho Verde (Portugal) – a refreshing and uplifting companion to summertime. slightly spritzy wine with a nice hint of acidity and notes of lime and grapefruit.

Charles & Charles Rosé (Washington State) – vibrant pink and salmon in color, this rosé has flavors of red fruit like strawberry, raspberry and Bing cherry with notes of Herbs de Provence and even a touch of citrus.

Kim Crawford Pinot Noir (New Zealand) -This aromatic Pinot Noir is both elegant and refined with black cherries and red currants on the nose and on the palate. Ripe tannins and oak on the finish, this is a very well balanced wine.

Layer Cake Shiraz (South Australia) – Dark, dense and creamy, complex aromas of dark fruits like black plum and blackberry. A bit of pepper on the palate as well with a spicy, cigar box finish.

Have you had any luck with screw top wines? Which ones have you tried?

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