Rosé wines for summer

Memorial Day marks the official start of summer and along with summer comes rosé drinking season! Many are a bit confused about this pink wine though. All rosé is not White Zinfandel or sugary sweet in flavor. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Rosé is actually one of the most diverse in range when it comes to wine. The color can be anything from pale pink to deep salmon with flavors of strawberry and cherry or even blackberry and black currant. It can be still or sparkling. Rosé has something for everyone! With that being said, it can be overwhelming when trying to select one. Here are a few suggestions to make your job a little easier.
rose wines for summer - Alma Negra Sparkling Rosé

Alma Negra Sparkling Rosé (Argentina): Alma Negra means ‘dark soul’ and has been produced in Argentina since 2003. Made from the Malbec grape, this sparkling rosé smells of dark berries, dried cherries and hints of chocolate. Being a well-balanced wine, the palate has more of the berry fruit along with a bit of smoke on the finish. This sparkler has great acidity and a nice feel on the mouth. Pair this with those hot dogs and sausages right off the grill.

rose wines for summer - Whispering AngelsCaves D’Esclans Whispering Angels (France): From the famed Rosé region of region Cotes de Provence, France, this blend of Grenache, Rolle (Vermintno) and Cinsault grapes produces a peachy pink, almost salmon in color wine. On the nose is fresh raspberries and strawberries yet the wine is completely dry in flavor. Dry wines are great for food pairings, try this wine with anything from salads with fresh strawberries to grilled salmon.

rose wines for summer - YinYang Rosé

Yinyang Pinot Grigio Rose (Oregon): Made from organically farmed grapes, this fuschia-colored rosé is made from Pinot Gris grapes and resembles a white wine in taste more than a rosé. Flavors of grapefruit, peach and apricot can be found on the palate with a nice, crisp finish. Drink Yinyang rosé with sushi or white meat.

rose wines for summer - Hillinger Secco

Leo Hillinger Secco Sparkling Rosé (Austria): 100% Pinot Noir was used to produce this wine into the (pro)Secco style. It has delicate aromas and bright flavors of fresh strawberries and red berries. The bubbles make for a light and refreshing finish. This rosé is excellent on its own as an aperitif before dinner or after dinner as dessert.

What are your favorite rosé wines for summer? 

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