How to make: Raspberry Infused Vodka

Ready for another fruit infused vodka? Of course you are. We’ve already told you how to make blackberry vodka, strawberry vodka and lemon vodka. Now it’s time to show you how to make raspberry infused vodka!

raspberry infused vodka

Summer is my favorite season. One reason is the sunshine. Another is that fresh berries are in season.

I love going to the farmer’s market and stocking up on every kind of berry they have. Usually, they are gone in a few days thanks to my kids.

On the rare occasion I can wrangle a few berries away from the kids, I immediately put them to use in a cocktail.

how to make raspberry infused vodka

Because what’s better than a cocktail with fresh fruit?

Maybe a cocktail with fresh fruit and raspberry infused vodka.

But you have to make your raspberry vodka before you can make your cocktail. It takes a few days for the infusing to happen.

raspberry vodka

How to make raspberry infused vodka


Organic raspberries


Mason jar


Wash a handful of organic berries and put in a mason jar.

Fill mason jar with vodka. Stoli, Absolut and Ketel One are all good vodkas to use for infusing.

Put a lid on the mason jar and place in fridge.

Every day give the jar a little shake. But not too hard. Don’t want to hurt the berries.

Check the flavor of the infused vodka after the first week. And then every few days thereafter.

Once it tastes acceptable to you, strain the raspberries from the vodka.

Label the jar with name and date and keep in the fridge.

Easy, right?

how to make raspberry vodka

We’ll be back in a few days with a Raspberry Martini recipe for you to use with this raspberry vodka. In the meantime, you could also use it in the Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini¬†or the berry sangria.

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  • Lauren October 19, 2014, 8:03 am

    Can you use frozen berries when fresh aren’t in season?

    • Jessica Torres October 20, 2014, 11:01 am

      I have never tried using frozen ones, but I don’t see why it won’t work. I’d still buy organic though if you can find them. Let me know how it comes out if you try it.


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