Recap of March Cocktail Recipes

March was a busy month for us with cocktail recipes thanks to St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of spring and Easter. Hope you are having warmer weather in whatever part of the world you live in. It’s slowly happening here in Reno.

March Cocktail Recipes

Let us know which cocktail recipes were your favorites! And don’t forget to check out this month’s sponsor… Tahoe Blue Vodka who won the 2013 Ultimate Spirits Challenge Chairman’s Trophy for unflavored vodka!

march cocktail recipes

Vodka Cocktails

Blood Orange Vodka Cocktail – As some of you know already, we are big fans of blood oranges. In this latest vodka cocktail we combined their sweet, tangy flavor with Grand Marnier and some other ingredients. It’s good, we promise.

Tahoe Smash Vodka Cocktail – Another cocktail recipe with one of our favorite vodkas! This one has fresh blueberries and lemon San Pellegrino. Great for this time of year because fresh (organic) berries are starting to show up at the market.

3 Easter cocktails with jelly bean infused vodka – Candy infused vodka is awesome for holidays. This time we showed you how to create your own with jelly beans and came up with 3 cocktails recipes featuring different colored jelly beans, including the Bunny Drop Martini, Flower Power Martini and Fuzzy Bunny Martini.

Tequila Cocktails

Meyer Lemon Margaritas with Meyer lemon infused tequila – A classic margarita, with a twist. Instead of regular tequila, mix things up and use Meyer lemon infused tequila. If you’re reading this after Meyer lemon season, you can use regular lemons. We won’t tell.

Blood Orange Margaritas with blood orange infused tequila – Um, all we can really say about these are they taste absofreakingdelicious.

Gin Cocktail

The Last Word Cocktail – A prohibition-era cocktail with four ingredients that must be used in equal parts. It’s a pretty strong drink but also one of my favorites (partly because I always like to have the last word).

St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

3 Guinness Cocktails – St. Patrick’s Day is over for 2013 but that doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking Guinness cocktails. We have 3 for you to try including a Black Velvet, Dog’s Nose and an Irish Russian.

3 Irish Whiskey Cocktails – Don’t like Guinness cocktails but still want to feel a wee bit Irish? These 3 Irish whiskey cocktails are for you, including the Shamrock Cocktail, Paddy Cocktail and the Everybody’s Irish Cocktail.

Champagne Cocktail

4 Mimosa recipes for brunch – Spring is in the air and that means it’s time for brunch. Spice up your ordinary brunch menu with these 4 mimosa recipes that are sure to please every person in the group. Well, maybe not your mother in law. We’ve heard they can be a little hard to please.

And more…

Since there were two holidays this month we spent more time on cocktail recipes instead of spirit and cocktail book reviews. But we did do one review of Q-Tonic Water which is labeled as a “Superior Tonic Water” and perfect for a vodka tonic cocktail (or a gin and tonic).

We also created a sponsor / advertise page for anyone interested in placing ads on One Martini. For more information about rates and stats check out the sponsor page. The more ads we sell, the more booze we can buy and the more cocktail recipes we can share (hint, hint).

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