Let’s talk about ice, baby – as in ice trays for cocktails

Used for mixing and shaking cocktails as well as serving, ice is an essential element for cocktails. We could rely on the built in ice makers in our freezers, but what’s the fun in that? Plus, those ice cubes are kinda ugly and sometimes they taste funky (or at least to me they do). So, rather than risk ugly, funky tasting drinks at home, I prefer to use special ice trays for cocktails.

So, let’s take a look at some ice trays for cocktails that you can use for your own drinks.

ice trays for cocktails

Classic Cube Shapes

These Tovolo silicone ice trays make 15 square ice cubes, each holding 1 ounce of liquid. They are dishwasher safe, easy to bend and flex to remove the cubes and come in a variety of colors (I’m a little fond of the pink and fuchsia colors, but mostly because it would be funny to see my husband use these in front of his friends).

If you want larger square ice cubes, these Tovolo King cube ice trays are what you’re looking for. They hold 2 ounces of liquid each but the trays only make 6 ice cubes. They are made from the same material as the 1 inch trays and have an even wider assortment of colors. I use these for making the alcohol ice cubes with Campari (a great treat in the summer).

tovolo king ice cube tray

Ice Cube Spheres

If square isn’t your thing, Artic Chill has ice ball makers to get those fun sphere shapes. These ones are made from BPA free silicone, come apart in the middle and have a small hole at the top for filling. A small funnel works great for filling the ice ball makers, but you’ll want to dump a teaspoon or two of water out once it’s full. As the water freezes, it expands and will cause the mold to come apart in the middle a little bit as well as have ice come out the top hole. (These are the ones pictured in this post – I froze one with lemon slices, one with mint leaves, one with a rose and the other with just water).

Another ice cube sphere that I’ve seen used by others but haven’t personally used are the Tovolo ice molds. I like how these stack neatly and are said to not tip in the freezer. To see these ones in action, check out the Negroni Cocktail Sphere over at Honestly Yum. I plan on trying to make these soon.

ice sphere molds

 Other Ice Shapes

For those highball drinks, these Tovolo highball ice molds might do the trick. They make 3″ x 2″ ice molds and are made similar to the Tovolo ice spheres listed above.

Love tiki cocktails? How about some tiki shaped ice for your drinks. There are these luau tiki ice trays and also these tulztiki ice molds that spell the word tiki along with some other fun shapes.

For those creepy Halloween cocktails, stock up on The Chiller 3D Skull ice mold or the smaller skull and crossbones ice molds. Oh, and let’s not forget the brain shaped ice mold. Perhaps that one will make you smarter as you sip your drink. Or not.

And for the final mold, let’s go with the moustache ice mold because, well because why not? The cubes are a small for a cocktail, but they would be fun to put in a drink. Especially during Movember.

ice ball makers

Tell me, people. What ice trays for cocktails do you use most often? And what other ones do you wish you had right now?

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Note: This post contains affiliate links to help cover the cost of running the site. Also, I was sent the Artic Chill ice ball makers to try. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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