DIY: Homemade cocktail olives

A dirty martini is not complete without an olive (or three). There’s no debate about that. Rather than buying pre-stuffed olives, make them yourself at home with your choice of filling. Not only are homemade cocktail olives easy to put together, they also taste better because you control the ingredients. As a result, your martini tastes better – and we all like that.

homemade cocktail olives for martinis Now, before we get into how to make these homemade cocktail olives, let’s all agree that when making your martinis at home, you’ll be stirring them. Agreed? Agreed. Okay, let’s move on.

homemade stuffed olives

I’m a fan of my cocktail olives to be stuffed with blue cheese. The last batch of pre-stuffed olives I bought were huge. As in super huge and two was more than enough. But, two seems to be an unlucky number when we are talking about garnishes for cocktails. You should either have one garnish on the skewer or three. Two is just bad luck. Or so I’ve been told.

homemade cocktail olives

So, when I set out to make my homemade cocktail olives, I used the smaller (although technically medium sized) California Ripe Olives. The pits were already removed, they were easy to stuff and three looks wonderful on a skewer – no need to worry about bad luck. For the filling, I went with three different ones: roasted garlic, blue cheese and a spicy roasted jalapeno blue cheese mix. Personally, I liked the last one the best. Feel free to experiment with your olives using different types of cheeses, roasted peppers, almonds, herbs, etc.

homemade cocktail olives for dirty martinis

DIY: Homemade cocktail olives
A quick tutorial on how to make homemade cocktail olives for martinis.
  • Pitted green olives in brine
  • Fillings of your choice (strong cheese, roasted garlic, diced roasted peppers, almonds, herbs, etc.)
  1. Drain the liquid from the olives into a bowl or measuring cup (this will be used later).
  2. Stuff the olives with your choice of filling and place in a mason jar (I found wide mouth half pint jars were perfect).
  3. Top the jars with the reserved olive brine.
  4. Seal the jars, label and store in the fridge until ready to use for martinis. The olive brine can be used for dirty martinis and the stuffed cocktail olives can either be dropped in the glass or put on a skewer (I prefer a skewer because it makes them easier to eat).

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Note: I was provided with California Ripe Olives to use for my cocktail olives. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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