Deck the Halls…with a glass of wine

The holiday season is upon us! People are making their lists and checking them twice, running to and from the grocery store, to the shopping mall and to the liquor store. How are you going to deal with the madness?? With a little something to sip on for the occasion. Here is our list of situations you may find yourself in the holiday season and our recommended holiday wines to enjoy .
La Chablisienne holiday winesDecorating the tree
If you have children under 13 – Drink a Chablis, lower alcohol and it’s white and won’t leave a stain. And we know some will spill. La Chabisienne shows fragrant apple, citrus and stone fruit notes, with elegant minerality on the palate and a slightly creamy finish
If decking the halls is your favorite activity – drink a Condrieu from the Northern Rhone. And yes I know, another white. I’m just trying to save your carpet, furniture, etc.
If the lights are tangled – mix up a margarita, it’s the only way you’ll make it through in one piece!

Day of shopping
This calls for something strong as you’ve just been through a battlefield! Yet you need something soothing and relaxing to the mind and body. This calls for Phantom, a red blend from Bogle Vineyards made from Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Mourvedre. It has bright red cherry fruit and black pepper and tempts you to take a sip! Spicy yet succulent in the mouth with a soft finish of spicy vanilla and toasted coconut.

If you’ve been shopping for electronics or children’s toys, you need something with an even higher alcohol content. Fortified wine for you! Try a Tawny Port. Similar flavors to the Phantom above but with a higher alcohol content to make you forget about the day you’ve just had navigating the aisles of those busy stores.

Pre-game for the company party
Take it slow and easy, I’d hate for you to embarrass yourself by being 3 sheets before the party even starts! Drink something low alcohol and sparkling. Saint-Hilare should do the trick. Bone dry, with a lemon twist, this sparkler is an excellent aperitif. The dryness increases your desire to eat (which is always a good thing while drinking) and you’ll sip slower. Win win!

If said party is actually at the office, disregard everything above! Or just have a little nip in your purse to deal with your colleagues.

TxakolinaPlanning your own holiday party
This is a marathon, not a sprint. You’ve got to make sure that the table is set, the food is warm, the drinks are cold, everyone’s having a good time… You cannot do all of that successfully if you are in the corner dancing with a plant! Drink a Spanish Txakolina as you prepare, it’s light and crisp with a little bit of fizz.

Meeting the Parents
While I don’t actually advocate drinking in this instance, if you feel nervous and need a little something to take the edge off before your visit, go for a chilled shot of flavored vodka. It goes down smooth and no one will be able to smell it. But seriously, only take one!

Bourgogne (Pinot Noir)Visiting the in-laws
Whether your feelings are in this situation, Tis the Season! Drink something that puts you in a good mood, like good enough to get two bottles, one for you and one to share. Try a Faiveley, a Pinot Noir from the Bourgogne region. This is the red wine for those that aren’t even sure they like red wine. Aromas of fresh red fruit and spices. Pleasant on the palate with a fruity round attack before leading into fine and silky tannins.

Any other ideas on how to make it through the holiday craze? Let us know in the comments!

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