Herbs to plant for cocktail recipes

Herbs are great for cocktails because they can be muddled, infused and/or used as garnish. Since we are firm believers in fresh is best for cocktail recipes so we’ve put together this list of herbs to plant in the garden this spring. Plus it’s easier to walk out in the backyard for a sprig of mint for a chocolate mint mojito than it is to drive to the store.

herbs to plant for cocktail recipes

Sweet mint

Various mint plants

There are many different types of mint out there. Some of our favorite mint herb to plant for cocktail recipes include sweet mint, chocolate mint and orange mint. I’ve also seen spearmint, grapefruit mint and pineapple mint that sound like they would be fun for drinks.

Drinks such as the blackberry mojito and raspberry mojito use muddled sweet mint whereas the chocolate mint vodka cocktail have muddled chocolate mint. We also have a vodka cocktail in the works with orange mint that will be posted soon. All of the drinks also have a sprig of fresh mint for garnish.

When growing mint, it’s best to keep it in a pot since it can quickly take over a whole garden.

chocolate mint

Chocolate mint

Basil plants

Fresh basil is useful to have on hand for both cooking and cocktail creating. We’ve used it in drink recipes such as the Lemon Basil Champagne Cocktail and the Tomato Basil Cocktail.

Thai basil is another of my favorite herbs to plant. I love to use it in stir-fry dishes while drinking a Thai Basil Tequila Cocktail.

sage plant


Other herbs to plant

I planted sage last summer and I’m pretty sure it was used for more for cocktails than it was for cooking. But then again, that may have been my plan as I love the Sage Gin Cocktail with ginger beer.

Last year I didn’t plant any rosemary but I will be this year. It’s great for infusing and also for garnish. There is a bourbon cocktail recipe coming up soon that uses this herb (hint, hint).

Lavender isn’t just for calming tea. Just like rosemary, it’s also perfect for infusing and garnishing cocktails. Last summer we shared a Lavender Pineapple Cocktail that used Monin lavender syrup. This year, we will be focusing on using the actual plant.

lavender plant


Of course this isn’t every herb you could plant in your garden for cocktail recipes. This is just a list of some of the top ones we recommend. If you have something else you love to plant, let us know in the comments!

Happy gardening!

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  • Peggy April 10, 2013, 12:05 pm

    I love Thai basil and Chocolate mint! We also do thyme, which is probably the most used herb in our house!


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