Ginger Grapefruit Cocktail

Remember when we shared all those grapefruit cocktail recipes? If you don’t click on that link over there and check them out. They are popular cocktails that are all really good. This time, we are taking things up a notch with a Ginger Grapefruit Cocktail. And you will love it. Trust me.

ginger grapefruit cocktail

Ginger seems to be one of those flavors that pairs well with just about everything. At least in my opinion. I mean I’ve made a Pear Ginger Cocktail, Orange Ginger Cocktail and even a Sage Ginger Cocktail. All with ginger beer. I won’t even get started on the drinks I’ve made with ginger liqueur.

grapefruit cocktail recipe

So… this time, ginger is mixed with grapefruit. Fresh squeezed grapefruit to be exact. Because we can’t call it a ginger grapefruit cocktail without some freaking grapefruit.

And orange vodka. The brand that I used for the drink discontinued their orange so I won’t share it’s name with you. Instead, I’ll tell you to try Absolut Mandrin or Hangar One Mandarin Blossom.

grapefruit cocktail

Ginger isn’t the only spice in this cocktail. There is also some Allspice Dram. But just a little bit. That stuff goes a long way as we pointed out in our spirit review post.

Overall, this is a really easy cocktail to make and is one of my favorites in the summer. I love the combination of all the flavors as well as the candied ginger garnish. Have I mentioned how much I love ginger?

ginger grapefruit cocktail recipe

Ginger Grapefruit Cocktail


2 ounces orange vodka

2 ounces grapefruit juice

Ginger Beer

1/4 ounce Allspice Dram


2 pieces of candied ginger and a lime wheel for garnish


In a highball glass, add orange vodka and grapefruit juice.

Fill glass with ice and top with ginger beer and then a float of Allspice Dram.

Garnish with a lime wheel and 2 pieces of candied ginger on a skewer.

Makes 1 cocktail.


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