Luck of the Isle {a Clontarf 1014 Irish Whiskey Cocktail}

The next drinking holiday to celebrate is St. Patrick’s Day. And celebrate we shall with this drink. Last year, I shared a few Guinness cocktails as well as a few classic Irish whiskey cocktails for the holiday. This year, I came up with this Clontarf 1014 Irish whiskey cocktail that I’ve named Luck of the Isle.

irish whiskey honey liqueur cocktail

Clontarf 1014 (formerly known as just Clontarf), is made from a blend of malted and unmalted barley, maize and spring water. The blend is a combination of pot-stilled single malt whiskey and column-distilled grain whiskey. It’s distilled three times, filtered through Atlantic Oak charcoal and aged for at least four years in charred oak bourbon casks.

clontarf 1014 irish whiskey cocktail

I only received a 4 ounce sample of Clontarf 1014 so I wasn’t able to try it out in as many cocktails as I normally would. But, I was able to make this Clontarf 1014 Irish whiskey cocktail with it and also let my husband and his Irish friend try a little sip of the whiskey. Both of them gave it two thumbs up (as did I). In fact, his Irish friend liked it so much took a picture of the label so he can locate a bottle to purchase. I will also be getting a full bottle as soon as I locate one.

irish whiskey cocktail recipe

Anyway, back to this Clontarf 1014 Irish whiskey cocktail… It came out as cross between an Emerald cocktail (a variation of the Manhattan) and a Blackthorn cocktail. My goal when making it was to use Clontarf 1014 and Celtic honey liqueur together. Other than that, I had no plan. I just added ingredients that I thought would be good. And then I crossed my fingers and let my husband take a sip. After he said it was good, I had a sip also. And I agreed, it was good – really good, in fact.

irish whiskey cocktail

So, I named this drink Luck of the Isle because luck was with me when I made it, and Ireland = Isle. Enjoy as a St. Patrick’s Day cocktail or every other day of the year. Because you’ll totally want to. And if you’re feeling super lucky, go ahead and enter the Irish to the Core contest for a chance to win a trip to Ireland or various amounts of cash.

Luck of the Isle
Serves: 1
  • 1-1/2 ounces Clontarf 1014 Irish whiskey
  • ¾ ounce sweet vermouth
  • ½ ounce Celtic honey liqueur
  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters
  • St. George Absinthe for rinsing glass
  • Lemon twist for garnish
  1. Pour a small amount of absinthe into a chilled cocktail glass and swirl around. Dump any leftover absinthe and set glass aside while you make the rest of the drink.
  2. Add Irish whiskey, sweet vermouth, honey liqueur and bitters to a mixing glass with ice.
  3. Stir and strain into the absinthe rinsed glass.
  4. Express a lemon twist over the glass and then add to the drink as a garnish.

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Note: I received samples of the Irish whiskey and honey liqueur. All thoughts, opinions, images and recipe are my own.

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