Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you still don’t have her gift yet. Yes, I know. Mom has worked hard to raise you, teach you, take care of you and your children…she’s worked hard! She doesn’t need another macaroni necklace or a dozen roses. Get her what she really wants and needs to [...]

Make your Oscar night *pop*

The Oscars: the most magical night of glamour and elegance that we can’t wait to watch. What will she wear, will he finally win an Oscar, what will we drink?! This year, let’s do something a bit different to spice up your Oscar watch party with an unexpected, yet crowd-pleasing (and easy on the wallet) [...]

The holiday season is upon us! People are making their lists and checking them twice, running to and from the grocery store, to the shopping mall and to the liquor store. How are you going to deal with the madness?? With a little something to sip on for the occasion. Here is our list of [...]

If you do a quick google search on ‘summer wines’ you will find tons of articles, blog posts and pictures of what you should be drinking by the pool, or at the beach, or taking to your picnics and barbecues. But what about these long days that turn into nights, sitting around with friends as [...]

You’ve packed your basket full of chicken salad and cheeses, you picked up the baguette and a bottle of wine and head to the park. You get there, lay out your spread and are ready to indulge. Everyone cheers when you pull out this amazing wine you have selected (because you’ve been reading One Martini’s [...]

Rosé wines for summer

Memorial Day marks the official start of summer and along with summer comes rosé drinking season! Many are a bit confused about this pink wine though. All rosé is not White Zinfandel or sugary sweet in flavor. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Rosé is actually one of the most diverse in range [...]

Yes. Tennessee not only makes wine; it grows its own grapes, too. The award-winning wines from Arrington Vineyards are particularly exemplary of the unique and delicious work being done in the South's viticulture, and one of their flagship releases, Antebellum, is a fine expression of the growing industry with a somewhat troubled history. To use [...]

Easter is a holiday celebrated around the world, some religious and some a bit different than what you may be used to. But either way, there is wine involved. Here we've highlighted a few wines from around the world that are worth trying on the upcoming holiday. France: "Joyeuses Pâques” - Flying Bells and Chocolate Fish [...]

People across the US right now are dealing with freezing temps, snow covered roads and can’t even imagine spring. But sometimes, just thinking about spring is enough to get you in a better mood! Think about flowers blooming, more hours of daylight and of course, lighter-bodied wines. Here are a few of our picks to [...]

I could very well just post an article about a couple of wines that bring me great joy, that taste amazing that you should absolutely serve for Valentine’s Day. But will that really help you? Maybe. But here at One Martini we are all about making it easier for you to drink. So instead we've [...]