Spirit Reviews

As I've mentioned before in the recipe post for the Salted Caramel Chai Cocktail, I have a major weakness for anything salted caramel. Something about the combination of sweet and salty gets me every time. So, when I was offered the chance to try Effen Salted Caramel Vodka, I just couldn't say no. Effen Vodka [...]

I believe that if you're going to drink tequila, it should be a quality tequila. While some mixtos like Hussong's Tequila are alright, there's really no comparing them to 100% agave tequila such as Maestro Dobel Tequila. Not sure about the differences between mixto and 100% agave tequila? Read up on tequila facts that you [...]

After trying two of the rums from the Cruzan Distiller's Collection, I was able to get my hands on a bottle of Cruzan Velvet Cinn. For those of you who haven't heard of this booze yet, it's a horchata with rum that I think you'll find is wonderful for this time of year. Horchata is [...]

Want to really create a buzz the next time you have company over? Well, we've got just the spirit for you. It's called AGWA de Bolivia. It's a coca herbal liqueur made from coca leaves and it's totally legal (for those of you who are over 21). Intrigued? You should be. Go ahead, read on. [...]

There are many different types of rum on the market. From spiced to Jamaican, Puerto Rican to flavored you can find it all when walking through the booze aisle. One of the latest rum collections on the market are the Cruzan Distiller's Collection Rums. Made in the spirit of The Don't Hurry Rum, these premium [...]

Ginger beer is a popular cocktail ingredient around here. I've used it in recipes such as the Absolut Hibiskus Vodka Cocktail, pear ginger cocktail and the clementine gin cocktail. Always in search of the best one, I picked up a bottle of Fever Tree's Ginger Beer to test out in a Moscow Mule recipe. And [...]

During a recent trip to BevMo! I was looking to add something new to my liquor collection. Since I'm pretty well stocked on spicy cocktail ingredients like ginger liqueur and allspice dram, I decided to look for something light. I ended up with a bottle of Ventura Limoncello Originale and I'm very happy I did. While [...]

It's no secret we love infused vodkas here at One Martini. I'm always on the lookout for different infusions that I can make or buy for my cocktail creating. One of my most recent purchases was Absolut Hibiskus Vodka. And I can say, it was a good investment. Absolut makes many different infused vodkas. In January [...]