Infused Alcohol

I think we can all agree that ginger is a great addition to cocktails. From ginger liqueur to ginger simple syrup, it adds a special spiciness. So, it's time to take this great root to the next level and make ginger infused vodka. You'll only need a couple of things and patience, although the latter [...]

During the winter months I do everything I can to preserve blood oranges. Last year, I made blood orange infused tequila. This year, I canned a few pints of cinnamon blood orange marmalade and made this blood orange vanilla infused rum. Both are very good, although their uses are not the same. After making the [...]

With the popularity of infused vodka, rum and tequila have both started following this trend. While you can buy a variety of flavors, it's always fun to make your own infusions (like homemade spiced rum). So, that's exactly what we are going to show you how to do with tutorial for Buddha's hand infused rum. Buddha's [...]

I've been a little obsessed with pears lately. From adding them to my breakfast in the morning and finishing the day with a spiced pear daiquiri, they have made their way into my daily life. But can you blame me? They are delicious in the fall when berries, melons and stone fruits are out of [...]

While there are many different spiced rums available in the stores, it's fun to also make your own homemade spiced rum at home. With vanilla, citrus peel and various spices it can be as unique as you are and an excellent way to show off your mixology skills to your friends. During the fall and [...]

Last year I was a little behind on Halloween cocktails. I had a lot of ideas but ran out of time and only ended up making the Starburst infused vodka. This year, I actually planned ahead and was able to follow through on some of my ideas. One was this candy corn infused vodka. Candy [...]

The last infused vodka tutorial was for raspberry infused vodka. This time, we are going to show you how to make cucumber infused vodka. It's perfect for those of you that have cucumber overload from the garden right now like I do. Awhile back, Carri did a review on Square One Organic Cucumber Vodka. Not [...]

We've showed you how to make various infused vodkas. We've showed you how to make various infused tequilas. Now it's time for us to show you how to make infused bourbon. Fig infused bourbon to be exact. The idea for fig infused bourbon came to me after I bought a basket of figs at Whole [...]

Ready for another fruit infused vodka? Of course you are. We've already told you how to make blackberry vodka, strawberry vodka and lemon vodka. Now it's time to show you how to make raspberry infused vodka! Summer is my favorite season. One reason is the sunshine. Another is that fresh berries are in season. I [...]

Last summer we shared how to make pineapple habanero infused tequila. It was a nice balance of sweet and hot and perfect in the aptly named, Spicy Pineapple Margarita. This summer, we are heating things up again with Thai Chili Infused Tequila. Let me just tell you from the start, this infused tequila is spicy. [...]