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No trip to San Francisco is complete without a visit to a distillery (and several bars). Last year, we checked out St. George Distillery and Distillery No 209. This year, we were lucky enough to stop in Treasure Island for a tour of Raff Distillerie. Currently located in a old military building, Raff Distillerie produces Emperor [...]

When I started One Martini 2-1/2 ish years ago, I hardly knew anything about making cocktails. I knew I liked to drink them, but that was it. As time went on, my booze collection grew, my tastes changed and I started reading everything I could about the craft of cocktail making. Anyway, the point of [...]

Cherries are one of summer's finest fruits. Since they are only in season for a few months out of the year, it's best to use them as much as possible while you can. You can also extend the life of your cherries by making homemade brandied cherries. For cocktails, cherries can be used in a [...]

You know that really awesome Tahoe Blue Vodka we told you about? We used it in an easy vodka cocktail, a lemon blueberry vodka cocktail and a pineapple cocktail. Well, this weekend they are going to be the star in a Bloody Mary contest in Reno, Nevada. And guess who's going to be a judge??? [...]

With Cinco de Mayo quickly approaching we thought it would be a good time to pause from cocktail recipes to talk about some tequila facts. As you already know, tequila is the main spirit in margarita recipes but can also be used in other cocktails or enjoyed by itself (if you have the right kind). Tequila [...]

Christmas is the time of year to buy gifts for friends and family. Sometimes a gift card or a bouquet of flowers is a perfectly acceptable gift. But other times, you need to pass out something stronger. So, we put together some alcohol inspired gifts that you can pass out to your friends, family, co-workers, [...]