Martini Recipes

Yes... this Valentine's Day, you could make a last-minute stop at the grocery store for a predictable bottle of Champagne, or you could shake up a little love with this fantastic pomegranate vanilla martini. And if you want to make it even more special, skip the store bought lemon vodka and infuse your own at home. [...]

The martini… A sophisticated blend of gin and vermouth with countless variations. From perfect to dirty and everything in between, it’s definitely one of the most well known drinks in history (and the most debated). In this version, we are playing off the classic recipe – with a twist, of course. The result is a [...]

Ginger Lemon Drop Martini

When I was 21 my standard order was a lemon drop martini. Fast forward 10+ish years and my go-to drink has changed quite a bit. But, that doesn't mean I don't still enjoy the occasional lemon drop. Although I usually try and mix them up now by using different vodka and/or fresh fruit. And that, [...]

This year, one of my goals for this site is to share more printables that people can keep at their home bar. Seeing as how the site is named One Martini, I figured the best place to start with this is of course, classic martini recipes. In this printable you'll find six different recipes for [...]

Baked Apple Martini

Fall is apple season. We all know this. Naturally, that makes this time of year the best time to enjoy apple cocktails like this baked apple martini. While I could drink the apple ginger cocktail and the caramel apple bourbon cocktail for the rest of my days and be perfectly content, I wanted to also [...]

Tis the season for all things cranberry. While I'm not a fan of eating these tart berries straight, I love them in cocktails. But then again, I love most things in cocktail form (who doesn't?). Last year for a Thanksgiving cocktail we shared a recipe for a Thanksgiving Medley Martini with the flavors of cranberry, [...]

Ginger Martini

I think I have professed my love of ginger here a few times. Something about the spicy zing it adds to cocktails makes me a happy drinker. And isn't happy drinkers what we all want to be? Anyway, I've continued my love affair with this root by creating this ginger martini. I hope you love [...]

When life (or the store) gives you cucumbers, you make cucumber infused vodka. That vodka can then be used in drinks such as a cucumber vodka and tonic and a cucumber mint cocktail. But what if you want something a little more fancy, perhaps in a martini glass? Well, then it's time for you to [...]

That pumpkin pie vodka has been infusing for a few days now. Staring you in the face every. single. time. you open the fridge. Torture, I know. But the time is finally here and the infused vodka is ready to be put to use in this pumpkin pie martini. I'm not a fan of real pumpkin [...]

Starbucks rocked my world when they introduced the Vanilla Spice Latte at the beginning of the year. The sweet vanilla combined with spicy cardamom had me wondering how I could recreate it in cocktail form. After a few tries I think I succeeded with this Vanilla Spice Martini. For those that don't know me, vodka [...]