Bar Essentials

Now that holiday shopping season is in full swing, it's time to talk about what you are going to get for your drinking buddies this Christmas. While you could go with the traditional fruit cake, we prefer to step things up a bit when it comes to gift giving. So, we've put together a little [...]

DIY: Homemade cocktail olives

A dirty martini is not complete without an olive (or three). There's no debate about that. Rather than buying pre-stuffed olives, make them yourself at home with your choice of filling. Not only are homemade cocktail olives easy to put together, they also taste better because you control the ingredients. As a result, your martini tastes [...]

With warmer weather on the way, it's time to dust off those highball glasses and get ready for long drink season. Of course, that also means you'll need some really cute cocktail straws for enjoying said drinks. Yes, you could stock up on those cheap plastic straws in the grocery store but what's fun about [...]

When I shared my version of the best gin and tonic, I mentioned that I conducted a blind tonic water tasting. Since tonic water is an important cocktail ingredient, I figured it would be good to share with you the results of the blind tasting and tell you again which one was voted the best [...]

Grenadine is a sweet pomegranate syrup that is used in many different cocktail recipes. We think it is essential for home bars to have a bottle on hand because you never know when you are going to need it for making drinks (Red Velvet Martini, anyone?). The real question with grenadine for cocktails is which one [...]

You need more for cocktails than booze. You also need things like fresh fruit, various juices and syrups. The most common syrups you'll see behind a bar are simple syrup and sweet and sour. And at other places you might even see some honey syrup or lemongrass syrup. What's lemongrass syrup you ask? Well, that's [...]

Herbs are great for cocktails because they can be muddled, infused and/or used as garnish. Since we are firm believers in fresh is best for cocktail recipes so we've put together this list of herbs to plant in the garden this spring. Plus it's easier to walk out in the backyard for a sprig of [...]

Martini 101

A classic martini is a far cry from the martinis of today, which can vary anywhere from dessert like to sweet and sour. 1.5 to 2 oz gin 1 drop to 1 oz of vermouth (sweet or dry, depending on taste) Garnish - olives, pearl onion, lemon twist, etc. For a Dry (Or Montgomery) Classic [...]

Guide to Home Bar Essentials

With the lagging economy, many people are choosing to entertain at home. Your typical bar has thousands of selections, but stocking up a home bar on a budget is easier than you think. Here's our list of home bar essentials you should have on hand. Be sure to have one bottle of each on hand. [...]