A boozy gift guide for your holiday shopping

Now that holiday shopping season is in full swing, it’s time to talk about what you are going to get for your drinking buddies this Christmas. While you could go with the traditional fruit cake, we prefer to step things up a bit when it comes to gift giving. So, we’ve put together a little boozy gift guide to help you with your shopping. And if you decide to purchase any of these things for yourself, that’s okay too.

boozy gift guide for all your holiday shopping

Boozy gift guide

1. For the mule lover : Ice crusher and copper mug (if you’re feeling extra giving, throw in a bottle of their favorite vodka and a 4 pack of Fever Tree Ginger Beer).

2. For the gin drinker : Bittermilk No. 2 Tom Collins and 3 pack of St. George Spirits Gin (if you’re feeling extra giving, buy the full bottles of gin – they are worth it).

3. For the coffee fiend : Teeling Irish Whiskey and Irish coffee mug (if you’re feeling extra giving, include a bag of high end coffee).

4. For the whiskey aficionado : Michter’s 10 year Single Barrel Bourbon and Glencairn glasses (let’s face it, you’re already being extra giving with this gift).

5. For the book nerd : The Bar Book (if you’re feeling extra giving, throw in a copy of the newly released Death & Co. book as well).

Also need to get a few stocking stuffers? Try these ideas…

1 oz / 2 oz Japanese Jigger // 1/2 oz / 3/4 oz Japanese Jigger // Barspoon // Bitter Truth Bitters Traveler Set // Koriko Hawthorne Strainer // Custom 4 pack of Davidson’s Tea (we really like the classic chai, coconut vanilla, mango peach and cranberry orange teas for using to infuse spirits or make syrups for cocktails).

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