Tanisha Townsend

There are plenty of holidays where friends and family get together to break bread and drink wine. But none as stressful to prepare for as Thanksgiving. Turkeys are ordered weeks in advance, beans are soaked, food is cooked in the oven days before. Then there is the wine! What will we drink? Fret not, One [...]

With Labor Day clearly in the rear view mirror, the days are getting shorter, and a cool breeze blows at night. The fresh strawberries and raspberries of the summer are being replaced by figs and pumpkins at the farmers market. Let’s face it people, fall is upon us and that means it's time to enjoy [...]

Did you know that all 50 states make wine? It’s true! But when most people think of American wine, they think of California, Oregon and maybe Washington State. But Colorado, Michigan or Virginia...not likely. With so much talk of eating local and farm-to-table, why not buy a wine a little closer to home. The earliest [...]