Nicholas Stanton

This juniper infused mezcal cocktail brings together blueberry, lime, agave, and herbal aromatics for all desert occasions, paying homage to the rustic beauty of Nevada's flora. It's also refreshing and complex. We all know juniper's true calling: to provide the fresh, piney taste and scent to London Dry Gin. Ok, so maybe that's not its [...]

This continues my four-part review of the fine work being done by Jack Crispin Cain, his sons, and the folks at American Craft Distillers. It also showcases a cocktail that uses two of Cain's spirits, a tasty variation on the old fashioned which can never get old! The drink is the Citizen Cain, a Low [...]

Who would have thought to mix a fine French aperitif wine with the ruggedly-edged mezcal? I've never been one for convention. This mezcal Lillet Rose cocktail is a slightly smoky, bittersweet, and herbaceous highball that doubles as a delightful way to sneak some muscular mezcal into your brunch cocktail regimen. But first, a little context. The [...]

Yes. Tennessee not only makes wine; it grows its own grapes, too. The award-winning wines from Arrington Vineyards are particularly exemplary of the unique and delicious work being done in the South's viticulture, and one of their flagship releases, Antebellum, is a fine expression of the growing industry with a somewhat troubled history. To use [...]

Polish up those silver cups! May approaches, and the equine curious will be donning their hats and duds, heading for the track, and grabbing for that prestigious and ever-so-delightful mint julep. This, however, is about a completely different cocktail. The Island Julep is a pineapple rum cocktail bearing little resemblance to its namesake but delivering [...]

The gift of gab is no stranger to my Irish heritage nor the company I've kept throughout the years. In college, I knew this fellow named Seamus Cahill. Seamus once claimed that he bonged a fifth of Everclear. I said without a tinge of irony, "Great! You're dead!" For those with more modest sensibilities than [...]

To continue my four-part review of my experience touring one of the distilling facilities owned by Germain-Robin (see my St. Nick Cocktail post for the first part), I am going to take a moment to share the 1850 Cocktail and some other tidbits about the spirit and cocktail production at Fluid Dynamics, Germain-Robin, and Craft Distillers. The [...]

A cocktail for many occasions, a hailing to the coming spring, a non-traditional ode to the ghost of Saint Valentine, no matter the time or place, this delicious tequila gin cocktail offers a delicate balance between sweet, tart, floral, and refreshing. And yes, it has bell pepper in it. Like most cocktails, this intriguing little [...]

A refreshing relief from the heavy indulgence of the winter libations, this crisp and fresh gin lemongrass cocktail plays on the flavors from the hotter hemispheres. The drink began with an unexpected discovery that spurred further exploration. I tried Bombay Sapphire East in a mule variation mixed with lime juice and Fentiman's Ginger Beer, a [...]

Fort Bragg, CA, a small coastal mill town just north of Mendocino, furnished many tender memories throughout my childhood, the most recent of which, intoxicating. There is a certain Proustian effect that is enkindled when I intake the wet air, the vegetal marine rot, even the thorns of the brackish brambles. Today, however, I find [...]