The Booze Gals

With Cinco de Mayo quickly approaching we thought it would be a good time to pause from cocktail recipes to talk about some tequila facts. As you already know, tequila is the main spirit in margarita recipes but can also be used in other cocktails or enjoyed by itself (if you have the right kind). Tequila [...]


Yes, yes. I am the wine girl. I love wine. But I also love a good, strong cocktail. My absolute favorite cocktail is a strong Cosmo Cocktail. I love the sweetness mixed with the acidity. 2 ounces fresh squeezed lime juice 2 ounces cranberry juice 2 ounces Cointreau or Triple Sec 7 ounces Vodka Lime [...]

Red Rosary

If you are looking for a drink using blood oranges with a little more kick than the blood orange martini we posted, you will like this Irish Whiskey Drink. 2 ounces Jameson Irish Whiskey 1 thick slice blood orange 5 dashes Angostura bitters Splash of simple syrup Splash of sweet and sour Splash of soda water [...]

Sweet and sour drink mix is a home bar must have, as it's used in many favorite drink recipes. Drinks such as margaritas and cosmopolitans call for sour mix, which is also known as "sweet and sour mix", "margarita mix" or "bar sour". Homemade sweet and sour drink mix is easy to make and tastes [...]

Peach Bellini

A Peach Bellini is a very popular Italian drink that originated in Venice. It's a mixture of sparkling wine and peach puree, but is also sometimes made with mango or other fruit purees. It's an easy cocktail recipe to make at home and can be great to serve up when entertaining. 8 oz. of Sparkling [...]

Simple Syrup Made Simple

Simple syrup is a must have for any home bar as it provides an easy way to sweeten a drink. Boil 1 part water. Turn heat to low and add 1 part sugar. Stir until sugar is all the way dissolved. If you won't be using all of the simple syrup right away add a [...]

Espresso Martini

Most of the time, my drink of choice is wine.  The exception to this rule is what has become a Fordeville house specialty and party staple -- the Espresso Martini.  Because, really, anything that marries my two favorite vices -- strong coffee and strong alcohol -- is irresistible. And.  You know that usual post-cocktail sleepy [...]